14 December 2014

Top Award for TMB 2015 Diary

The Tripe Marketing Board is celebrating after its 2015 Diary last night scooped a coveted award at the European Meat & Offal Producers' Convention in Berne.

The TMB 2015 Diary was awarded second place in the 'Funniest Meat-based Diary Category', only narrowly losing out to the Deutsch Verein zur Förderung von Kalbsbries Tagebuch 2015.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "We always knew we were up against stiff competition from the Germans and even I would admit their Diary is marginally funnier than ours".

This is only the second time the TMB has made its Diary available to the wider general public, and Sir Norman described sales as "respectable".  He went on to congratulate the editor of Cow Breeder's Monthly magazine for achieving third place, and described their diary as "quite amusing".

The TMB has already raised over £160 for the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society from sales of its 2015 Diary, which is available direct from TMB Books or Amazon.  "My advice is to buy direct from TMB Books, as we are thereby able to gift a greater amount to our chosen charity," Sir Norman said.


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