21 December 2014

"Gift of Tripe" Christmas campaign kicks off

Fewer people than ever will be choosing turkey this Christmas, according to a poll carried out for the Tripe Marketing Board earlier this week in the north-west of England.

TMB Christmas poster campaign
36% said they 'fancied a change' and would be looking at other cuts of meat for their Christmas lunch, while 13% planned a veggie yuletide meal.  16% declined to answer because they were too busy and a further 4% said they would do so only if offered a token payment.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "This presents a fantastic opportunity for tripe retailers up and down the country to persuade people to give tripe a try this Christmas."

Sir Norman yesterday unveiled the TMB's Christmas poster campaign, which would run in selected butchers and pet food stores over the next few days.  He added that tripe left-overs - just like turkey - could be used to make a tasty and nutricious curry on Boxing Day. "Not everyone yet appreciates the versatility of tripe but we're going all out to get the message across over the festive season," he said.

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