3 December 2014

New board appointment at TMB

The Tripe Marketing Board yesterday confirmed the appointment of a new board member, Mrs Laura Mullan

Mrs Laura Mullan
Mrs Mullan is the fourth female member of the board and firmly establishes the TMB as the most progressive meat-based marketing board in Europe.

Announcing the appointment last night, chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I am delighted to welcome Mrs Mullan onto our board. She is just the kind of forward-looking mum of three we need to refresh the image of tripe.  More and more people are discovering that there's more to tripe than they thought".

Laura, who is 33, works as a teacher of English as a foreign language in Kent and says Shadow, her Springer Spaniel, is more excited by the news of her new role than anybody.  Mrs Mullan will hold the TMB portfolio for Kent and parts of Sussex and East Surrey.

Mr Sandy Wilkie
Sir Norman also confirmed that recent board appointee Sandy Wilkie had accepted the portfolio for East Lancashire, which includes the important 'tripe capitals' of Burnley, Blackburn and Rawtenstall.
"At the same time as extending our reach to the south, we are strengthening our position in the tripe heartlands. We have to watch our back, as other offal producers are starting to look at our successes and trying to emulate them.  Our message is clear - accept no substitute!"

Sir Norman apologised that Mrs Mullan's appointment had come too late to feature in the TMB's 2015 Diary.  "We did think about organising a second edition, but since we only usually sell about 70 copies of our diary, it wasn't really economically viable," he said.  He advised those who had already bought the diary to make the necessary corrections to Mr Wilkie's biography.

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