14 December 2014

TMB apologises for clerical error

The Tripe Marketing Board has apologised for a clerical error which led to purchasers of its 2015 Diary being offered a free, limited edition fridge magnet if they bought the diary on Sunday 14 December direct from the TMB's website.

The TMB fridge magnet
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said it was unfortunate that many people would be receiving an unexpected fridge magnet with their diary, but a system malfunction at TMB Books could not be repaired until midnight tonight.  He went on to add: "I'd like to say how sorry I am if this gift - valued at £1.99 - presents any tax difficulties for the recipients.  If they don't want the fridge magnet, people can either throw it away, send it back or give it to a friend".

The TMB promised to honour the offer if anyone bought a diary before midnight on 14 December.  "These are really rather lovely  fridge magnets, and we'd rather not be giving them away just because someone's bought a diary, but the situation is beyond our control," Sir Norman said.

Anyone wishing to purchase the fridge magnet who does not require a diary is invited to visit the TMB online shop for further details.

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