6 December 2014

TMB campaign wins award

'Sorry - We're Open'  Spaatchcock & Spaatchcock, 2014
The Tripe Marketing Board last night scooped a top place at the 2014 International Offal Industry Marketing Awards.

The awards ceremony, held in Rome, was attended by record numbers and the TMB was awarded 3rd place in the Most Inventive Marketing category.

Judges praised the TMB's 'Sorry - We're Open' campaign for taking post-irony to new levels. IOI president Mr Sven Gurdeman said: "We liked the fact that tripe retailers were being encouraged to recognise that not many people like tripe. We can see how this would work in England very well".

Collecting the award for the TMB, chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "We're not afraid to poke fun at ourselves here at the TMB.  We find using humour has had a definite impact on sales of tripe in the UK.  It's a shame some of our continental counterparts don't do the same".

Sir Norman surprised observers by spurning the formal attire of dinner jacket in favour of a Choose Tripe t-shirt.  "If our patron can do it, then so can I!" he quipped - a reference to a Tweet earlier in the week by Sky cricket correspondent Ian Ward, which showed his colleague David 'Bumble' Lloyd wearing a similar t-shirt.

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