16 December 2014

TMB launches 'Ooh - you are Offal!' campaign

The Tripe Marketing Board has laid down the gauntlet to social media users who make cheap puns at the expense of offal with the launch of its 'Ooh - you are offal!' campaign, in an effort to raise money for charity in the run-up to Christmas.

The move comes after an interchange on Twitter between actress Frances Barber and Sky TV producer Max Preston at the weekend, in which Ms Barber complimented the TMB for its social media activity.  This prompted Mr Preston to respond with "It's an offal job, but someone's gotta do it!"

Mr Preston was subsequently challenged to donate £1 to the MS Society as a penance for his pun, which he duly did.   When TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle learned of the donation, he sanctioned an all-out campaign against offal puns on Twitter.  Within hours, an estimated £75 had been donated via the MS Society's website.

"If our Twitter followers are vigilant and highlight any offal puns to us, we can perhaps persuade one or two more people to stop making offal puns by hitting them where it hurts - in their wallets!" Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman said the TMB had chosen the Multiple Sclerosis Society as its chosen charity for 2014/15 after his sister was diagnosed with the condition, and an additional £175 has already been raised through the sale of the Tripe Marketing Board's 2015 Diary.

Sir Norman added: "It's time we got tough on offal puns.  With your help, we can wipe them out on Twitter and raise lots of cash for the MS Society."

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