30 December 2014

Tripe retailers warned to prepare for end of year sales rush

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has warned tripe retailers across the UK to ensure they have adequate stocks to meet a higher than usual anticipated end of year demand.

Hyde retailer Lyndon Boot
The warning comes after private polling by the TMB revealed that more people than ever were considering trying tripe as a hangover cure on New Year's Day.

"Tripe dishes have always been a traditional hangover cure, whether in Mexico, Rumania or here in Lancashire, but our recent success in reaching out to a younger audience via the social media means that more and more people are discovering the benefits of tripe," Sir Norman said. 

Scientists are divided as to why tripe should be such an effective cure for hangovers.  A recent paper by Dr Franklyn Meadows of the University of Wigan suggested there are chemicals within tripe which help the body absorb alcohol more quickly.  Others have pointed to the valuable emetic properties of dishes containing tripe.

Sir Norman said: "I'm not a scientist, but it's clear that tripe has a valuable role to play in helping youngsters get over the effects of over consumption.  My advice to tripe retailers is to stock up in order to meet the demand over the next day or so".

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