4 December 2014

UK tripe consumption "may be rising"

Provisional UK consumption figures for November 2014 suggest a "small, but perceptible" increase in tripe sales, according to unadjusted returns from retailers across the country. 

Hyde Market
Tripe Marketing Board chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "Until we get all the returns collated, it would be premature to say tripe has turned the corner, but I am quietly encouraged by these results - I have a feeling in my blood that tripe sales may, at last, be rising!".

Speaking at a meeting of the Longridge Women's Guild last night, Sir Norman said: "These figures don't take into account the impact of 'Tripe Tuesday' - the first Tuesday of December - which has been well-received this year".

Sir Norman pointed to the success of Hyde retailer Lyndon Boot, who boasted of his 'busiest day and week ever', as being typical of reports being received from market stalls across the UK.  "We're confident that, with initiatives such as our Tripe Christmas single, there'll be much more tripe around over the weeks ahead than people ever thought possible!" Sir Norman said.

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