21 January 2015

TMB denies 'fake' suggestion

Sir Norman Wrassle
The Tripe Marketing Board has dismissed suggestions that its social media account is 'fake', following comments made by Barnsley beat poet Ian McMilliband during yesterday morning's Toby Foster at Breakfast show on BBC Radio Sheffield.

Responding to the comments, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "This is not the first time people have made such an accusation.  Just because we haven't got one of those blue ticks, people seem to think we're fair game".

The comments followed a feature on the show about a parody Twitter account promoting Barnsley, during which Head of Culture at Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Sue Thiedeman emphasised the importance of underscores in website addresses and Twitter accounts.

"I know some people laughed when we announced two years ago that we were embracing the social media, but since then we've worked hard to promote tripe on the internet and its thanks to our Twitter presence that we've become Europe's favourite meat-based marketing board," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman said he was a huge fan of Mr Milliband's poetry.  "I'm not sure why he would suggest @TripeUK is a fake account, but I want to assure tripe lovers that they'll find no underscores on our account."

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