2 February 2015

New board member appointed at TMB

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced the appointment of a new board member with special responsibility for East London and West Kent.

Mr Jack Hargreaves
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle denied that Mr Jack Hargreaves' appointment was a response to criticism that the TMB's board was becoming 'too veggie'.  Confirming the new face at the TMB, Sir Norman said: "I would like to welcome Jack to the TMB, but it's ridiculous to suggest that he's joining us as part of some cynical move to bolster carnivores on the board".

An editorial in the January issue of Offal Monthly had suggested that the TMB was 'top heavy' with vegetarians and vegans.  "We are an equal opportunity marketing board and welcome members from across the spectrum, whether they be meat-eaters or vegans - although clearly our target consumer is someone who is partial to meat and tripe," Sir Norman said.

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  1. The man has an unhealthy obsession with blueberries.