23 February 2015

TMB denies 'cash for tripe' allegations

Two senior figures in the Tripe Marketing Board have strenuously denied allegations that they have  made cash payments to persuade people to eat tripe. 

Sir Norman Wrassle
TMB director of finance Mr Basil Chambers and chairman Sir Norman Wrassle were  secretly filmed apparently offering cash to reporters from the Wigan on Sunday newspaper who were posing as staff of a fake Chinese firm.

Both Mr Chambers and Sir Norman have denied any wrongdoing and have referred themselves to the industry regulator, OffOffal.

It is claimed that Sir Norman was recorded describing how he operated "under the radar" and had used his influence to persuade people to eat tripe. On the subject of payment, Sir Norman is heard saying: "So normally, if I'm doing a speech or something, we have to pay them £500 - it's just the going rate to get onto a platform to promote tripe these days".

Sir Norman last night clarified his statement.  "I was talking about major conferences - not about my usual schedule of talks to Womens' Institutes and suchlike.  Such engagements are usually arranged by my office and might involve a token gift of tripe or perhaps one of the books published by TMB Books.  I think that is quite usual in the world of meat-based marketing, so I don't think we've done anything wrong".

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