6 February 2015

TMB denies over-use of denials to promote tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board has denied that it has regularly issued denials as a way to garner media headlines, following accusations made by the editor of Offal Monthly in a radio interview earlier today.

Mr Ken Todd, who has edited the industry journal since 1997, claimed to have analysed over 2,000 press releases issued by the TMB from March to October 2014 and suggested that the regular use of denials was a ploy to ensure that tripe remained in the headlines.  Mr Todd's claim was made in a wide-ranging interview on the cable radio show Butcher's Review

Responding to Mr Todd's comments this afternoon, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "It's ridiculous to suggest that we have deliberately denied things just to grab a few front pages.  Mr Todd is a respected journalist and he should know better than to make accusations like this."

Sir Norman said that the TMB's own analysis showed that its media team had issued fewer than 150 denials in the period under question. "That seems reasonable to me," Sir Norman said.

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