27 February 2015

TMB to relaunch Tripe Club

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced that it will be re-launching Tripe Club later this year, in an effort to market tripe to a new generation of potential consumers.

The original Tripe Club had over 30,000 members and is fondly remembered by tripe consumers all over the world.  An original 1960s Tripe Club badge recently sold for over £3 on the internet auction site eBay, and  plans for the new club membership pack include a replica of the badge, a signed photograph of TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle and a reprint of A Brief History of Tripe, the seminal work on tripe by Professor Richard Hawkins.

Speaking at a meeting of the Preston League of Radical Gentlewomen earlier today, Sir Norman said: "The relaunch of Tripe Club is something we've been considering for some time.  What we like to call 'Generation Tripe' - those who have grown up in the post-war period of affluence and who have been seduced by other foodstuffs such as spaghetti hoops and Pop Tarts - are starting to rekindle their love of a product they remember from their childhood, even if not always fondly.  Tripe Club could be the key to making 2015 the Year of Tripe".

Sir Norman confirmed that Tripe Club members would also receive a signed membership certificate, a limited edition fridge magnet and vouchers for discounts at selected tripe retailers.  "The first rule of Tripe Club is that you've got to be a member, although we may be a little hampered in promoting that rule as the second rule says that you can't tell people you're in it," he said.

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