11 February 2015

Tripe Avoidance and Evasion: A Statement

The Tripe Marketing Board today issued a statement to clarify its position on tripe avoidance, following accusations that it was failing in its stated aim of educating the British public about eating tripe as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The accusations, made in the February issue of the industry journal Offal Monthly, were dismissed by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle as "pure fabrication".  In a formal statement issued this afternoon, Sir Norman said: "If we've learned anything over the last 60 years it's this: when people choose to avoid or evade tripe, there is in fact very little we can do.  All the marketing in the world won't change their mind".

Sir Norman said he was nonetheless heartened by the advances the TMB had made in promoting tripe.  "Some of the finest minds in the world of advertising have tried their best to persuade people to try tripe.  We do think we are starting to have an impact, but I think some people might have unrealistic expectations," he said. 

In a separate statement, Sir Norman confirmed that the TMB had, for a number of years, maintained a number of offshore bank accounts in the Isle of Man.  "There is nothing inherently illegal in it. It's actually just a matter of convenience for our Director of Finance, Basil Chambers, who has a holiday home on the island," he said.

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