16 February 2015

Tripe proud to be in the vanguard of offal renaissance

The Tripe Marketing Board has congratulated colleagues in the offal processing industry for making major advances in promoting their products over the last 12 months.

In a speech delivered to the Annual Luncheon of the Formby Ladies' Circle, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was delighted at the progress that has been made.

Sir Norman said: "These are exciting times for lung, spleen, pizzle and testicles.  I like to think that tripe has led the way over the last few years, but it's nonetheless pleasing that these less popular foodstuffs are also moving forward".

Sir Norman was speaking on the day that British Spleen officially launched its new website.  "I want to extend my hearty congratulations to our colleagues in British Spleen. They've got a tough task - someone once said spleen "tasted of death, and chewy death at that," which is possibly a little unfair.  What is certain is that as more and more people experiment with other kinds of offal, it can only be good for tripe," he said.

Sir Norman said there were encouraging signs that the first quarter 2015 sales of tripe would surprise industry analysts: "We even heard a report today that someone had visited the Basingstoke branch of Morrisons specifically to buy tripe.  That's got to be a first!"

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