27 February 2015

Typical tripe consumer is changing says new study

The face of the typical tripe consumer is changing, according to research conducted for the Tripe Marketing Board earlier this month by ABMG, the Bolton-based polling organisation.

TMB spring poster campaign
The research reveals that the average tripe consumer is now more likely to be a woman aged between 62 and 73 with a university degree who has a high disposable income and enjoys three Mediterranean holidays a year.   When not socialising with friends, she enjoys reading, trips to the cinema and long walks with her terrier, and is most probably called Maureen.  She's most likely to live in Bath and is as adventurous in bed as she is in the kitchen.  

Welcoming the results, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Although this study excluded dogs, who are still the biggest consumer of tripe by a long chalk, it's wonderful news and gives the lie to those who claim we're not moving with the times". 

Sir Norman advised tripe retailers to adapt their sales strategies to cater for the new consumer.  "We'll be launching our new poster campaign in the spring to capitalise on the results of this survey and we hope butchers will do all they can to make our offer more attractive to tripe-curious women of all ages," he said.

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