16 March 2015

TMB chairman admits second job

The Tripe Marketing Board has confirmed that its chairman Sir Norman Wrassle did continue to pursue his business interests for a short time after he became chairman in 1997.

Sir Norman Wrassle
There are no rules banning TMB members from having other sources of employment, but they do have to declare any other paid employment under the OffOffal Code of Conduct.

The confirmation comes after the Wigan on Sunday newspaper had discovered what it says is a recording of a sales pitch for Wrassle Glass, a double glazing company, made in the summer of 1998 - a year after he was appointed.

Speaking at a hastily convened media conference late last night, Sir Norman said: "Like many other businessmen, I have had fingers in a number of pies.  I was always completely transparent about my involvement in my brother's double glazing company".

Sir Norman said he had also, for a brief period, worked as a consultant to Blunt Fine Foods, where he advised the company on the production of tripe pies.  "It's an old story, and really just a matter of semantics.  I enjoyed my work with them so much that I never really considered it a job," he said. 

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