24 March 2015

TMB chairman has "no plans" to stand down in next five years

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has denied that he has any immediate plans to stand down from the role, following speculation that plans were in hand to arrange for a successor. 

Speaking at a meeting of the East Bolton Ladies' Circle this afternoon, Sir Norman dismissed the rumour as "entirely fabricated", saying: "When I was appointed in 1997, I set myself the task of restoring the fortunes of the tripe industry.  Although we are close to achieving that aim, it would be premature to claim victory just yet".

In response to questions from the audience, Sir Norman also said he had no plans to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming elections.  "It's true that I have been approached by a number of constituencies with a view to standing, but it's not something to which I've given much thought.  My aim in the run-up to May will be to ensure that tripe is raised at the hustings, and I will be asking tripe lovers all over the country to keep a keen eye on what their local candidates have to say on the subject," he said.

Sir Norman confirmed that he had accepted an invitation from the Combined Meat Processors Association of Fuerteventura to take part in a fact-finding mission to the island in April.  "As ever, I will be on the lookout for as many facts as possible," he said.

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