10 March 2015

TMB denies incompetence over tax activities

The Tripe Marketing Board has issued a strong rebuttal following accusations that it has evaded taxes by maintaining a number of offshore bank accounts.

Sir Norman Wrassle
The comments were made by the chairman of the East Lancashire Borough Council's Scrutiny Committee Maureen Hodgekinson, during yesterday's debate on the offal industry.  TMB board members were accused of incompetence for saying they were unaware of tax evasion activities in their Isle of Man private bank.

Basil Chambers, director of finance at the TMB, said he didn't know what staff "were up to".
Cllr Hodgekinson responded by saying "Either you're completely incompetent in your oversight duties or you knew about it."

Cllr Hodgekinson also called for TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle to quit the board. "I think the government should sack you," she said.

Sir Norman responded by pointing out that the TMB was an independent organisation and that the government had no responsibility for appointments to the board.  He went on to deny that the TMB had deliberately attempted to avoid paying taxes and said that the issue of the Isle of Man bank accounts was "a Manx herring".  "As the TMB has never made a profit for the last 60 years,  the issue of tax evasion is purely academic," he said.

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