5 March 2015

TMB unveils Tripe Manifesto

The Tripe Marketing Board today launched its 2015 Tripe Manifesto, designed to raise the profile of tripe ahead of the UK General Election on 7 May.

The key messages in the manifesto, which the TMB will be asking all the main political parties to endorse, include:
  •     Free tripe for the over 85s
  •     Tripe to be made a compulsory ingredient in 20% of school meals from 2017
  •     A commitment to no tripe tax until at least 2020
The full manifesto will be made available to tripe retailers later this month.

Speaking at the launch event in Preston this afternoon, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Although we would not presume to advise tripe consumers how they should cast their vote, we hope they will raise these issues with their local candidates". 

Sir Norman went on to say how excited he was by the TMB's plans for a poster campaign in the run up to 7 May.

"We've got some cracking advertisements lined up, all designed to make people think about tripe before they vote.  And to get get them to buy it, of course!" he said.  

Tripe lovers will be asked to seek support for the manifesto from their local parliamentary candidates.  "We're simply saying that before they cast their vote, tripe lovers should assure themselves that any 'wannabe' MPs understand the crucial issues at stake," Sir Norman said.

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