12 March 2015

TMB withdraws from sponsorship deal

The Tripe Marketing Board has withdrawn its sponsorship of the popular Lancashire TV programme Top Tripe, following damaging media publicity after its presenter was involved in a scuffle with one of the show's producers.

Controversial presenter Julian Clambake reportedly complained after he returned to his hotel after a hectic day of filming in Burnley to find that the only meal available was a plate of cold boiled tripe and onions.

Speaking at a press conference earlier this afternoon, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was "disappointed" to read the reports.  He said the incident meant there was no possibility of continuing the sponsorship deal.  "Mr Clambake's actions are beyond the pale.  They come on top of his anti-Yorkshire comments last year, and we are regretfully terminating the contract."

The Tripe Marketing Board on BBC TV's Eggheads show
Top Tripe was part of the TMB's strategy to make tripe appealing to the younger male consumer, and involved Clambake driving high-performance cars across the Forest of Bowland, stopping off at pubs and restaurants en route to sample tripe-based dishes.

Sir Norman went on to say: "We would like to assure tripe consumers that we do not endorse Mr Clambake's actions.  His altercation is doubly unfortunate, as it has rather overshadowed yesterday's attempt by the Tripe Marketing Board to challenge the supremacy of our old adversaries at the Egg Marketing Board".

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