1 April 2015

Manchester restaurant will specialise in tripe

Manchester is about to get its first tripe restaurant in over 40 years. Mondongo will specialise in nose to tail eating - cooking every part of an animal so that nothing is wasted - and tripe will be its signature dish.
Norman Whiteside

Mondongo is the brainchild of Manchester United legend Norman Whiteside, who said: "In London there’s no shortage of restaurants which serve tripe. But for some reason there’s not much choice in Manchester. I spend a lot of time here but apart from Chinatown there’s nowhere I can get it. I love Chinese food as much as the next person but it would be nice to eat tripe prepared in other ways. When Mondongo opens in the Northern Quarter later in the year I know there’ll be somewhere I can dine with my friends when we’re on a night out in Manchester".

Mr Whiteside said Mondongo would be serving tripe in at least 40 different ways including the traditional Lancashire way - served raw with vinegar or stewed in milk and served with onions.

"Having travelled extensively playing football I know there are lots of other ways to prepare
tripe. There are some fantastic tripe dishes out there and we’ll be serving as many of them as we can. I’ve called the restaurant Mondongo because it’s the name of my favourite dish - a Puerto Rican tripe stew," he said.

The news has been welcomed by Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle, who said: "We’re delighted. Tripe sales have been on a bit of a downward curve since the end of the war but there are signs that the tide is turning. We think it’s finally become cool again and what better place to open a tripe restaurant than Manchester, the capital of cool?"

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