1 April 2015

Slowest ever fall in tripe sales

First quarter 2015 tripe sales recorded the slowest ever fall in sales since records began.  The seasonally adjusted figures show that average per capita consumption decreased by just 0.0011 kg in the three months since 1 January, helped by aggressive promotional activity by the Tripe Marketing Board, continuing economic uncertainty and a trend for meat consumers to consider cheaper alternatives to their usual cuts.

Norman Whiteside
Although this is the 230th successive quarter in which tripe sales have fallen, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he welcomed the news.  "We have a number of initiatives up our sleeves such as the forthcoming re-launch of Tripe Club, the re-publication of  Professor Richard Hawkins'  A Brief History of Tripe and some exciting seasonal price cuts".  

He pointed to the forthcoming opening of Manchester's first tripe restaurant  in 40 years as evidence of the tripe revival.  Mondongo will specialise in  nose to tail eating - cooking every part of an animal so that nothing is wasted - and tripe will be its signature dish.  Mondongo is the brainchild of Manchester United legend Norman Whiteside.

Sir Norman said he hoped consumers would take a leaf out of Greece's book, where tripe is a popular dish at Easter.  "We'd like to give lamb a run for its money this year," he said.

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