22 April 2015

TMB denies editing Wikipedia pages

Sir Norman Wrassle
The Tripe Marketing Board has strenuously denied suggestions that it has been involved in the editing of a number of Wikipedia entries in an attempt to promote tripe.

The accusations were made in an editorial in the April edition of the industry trade journal Offal Monthly.  Speaking at a meeting of the Westhaughton Ladies' Circle earlier today, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I would like to take this opportunity to strongly refute these allegations.  It is quite improper to suggest that either I, or my staff, have tried to portray tripe in a more positive light by tampering with entries on Wikipedia". 

Sir Norman said the TMB had its work cut out marketing tripe on Twitter and Facebook without having to resort to the online encyclopaedia.  He told the audience of Lancashire housewives  "I can assure you that we have better things to do with our time.  In any case - there is quite enough tripe on there already".

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