13 May 2015

Next five years "will be good for tripe" says TMB

Sir Norman Wrassle
The election of a majority Conservative government spells "good news for tripe," Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said earlier today.

Sir Norman was speaking at the annual meeting of the North West Lancashire Federation of Townswomen's Guilds in Chorley.  He said that a government committed to "really making austerity bite" could only be good for tripe sales, and that he was looking forward to the opportunity to promote the foodstuff in the months and years ahead.

Sir Norman denied that the TMB was politically biased.  "It's just a fact that tripe is the perfect austerity foodstuff - it's cheap and nutricious and it's easy to feed a family of four for next to nothing.  More and more people will be forced to look at its merits as household budgets become tighter," he said.

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