5 May 2015

TMB calls for trebling of tripe marketing budget

The Tripe Marketing Board has called for the next government to treble the budget devoted to promoting tripe.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said that whatever the outcome of the UK General Election, he would be asking for extra resources to promote tripe.  "We have been operating on a shoestring and we can no longer rely on our product to sell itself," he told a media conference in Preston earlier today.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Sir Norman admitted that April 2015 sales figures for tripe, which showed a decline against the figures for a year ago, were "a little disappointing," but he was confident that an increased promotional budget would persuade more people to give tripe a try.  "We have considered introducing a £1 levy on every pound of tripe sold, but this would only raise around £200 over the next twelve months," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman blamed the decline in sales on a public perception that the economy was improving and that the period of austerity was now over. "People have been turning to more expensive cuts of meat.  This is bound to be short-lived.  Only two years ago, the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Institute for Government predicted austerity would last until 2020. As tripe is the perfect austerity foodstuff, we rely on these predictions for our sales projections," he said.

Asked whether the TMB would be advising tripe consumers how to vote on Thursday, Sir Norman said there were no plans to do so, but he was confident that anti-tripe candidates such as Boris Johnson would be sent a clear message by the electorate. 

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