12 June 2015

Jail sentence for students who disrespected tripe

Four students who posed naked on a Lake District mountain whilst holding pieces of tripe have been given jail terms and fined.  Yorkshire-born Elizabeth Hawkins, Canadians Peter and Linda Daniels, and Dutchman Jan Sal admitted causing a public disturbance.

The group was blamed for a magnitude 0.9 earthquake after stripping on Scafell Pike, which is considered sacred amongst many Cumbrians.

They were jailed for three days, but their sentences were back-dated to reflect time already served.  A judge at Preston Crown Court said the four had shown remorse and ordered the jail terms to run from 9 June, meaning the group is technically free to leave.

Elizabeth is expected to travel back to Barnsley on Saturday, her lawyer said.  Her father Richard Hawkins said the sentence was "firm but fair" but said she was  "traumatised" after pictures of her holding a sample of tripe and laughing had appeared in the social media.

"Elizabeth knows what she did was wrong and disrespectful and she is deeply sorry for any offence she has caused to the people of Cumbria," he said.

The students, who admitted to urinating on a box containing 8oz of uncooked tripe had posted photos of themselves posing naked on the media-sharing website, SlapBack.

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he hoped the students had learned their lesson.   In a statement issued late this afternoon, he said: "Tripe has a proud history in the north west of England and we need young people to show it proper respect".

He went on to add: "We're not expecting many people under the age of 75 to eat the stuff, but clearly we can't countenance them urinating on it".

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