20 June 2015

TMB condemns anti-austerity march

The Tripe Marketing Board has moved swiftly to condemn today's anti-austerity demonstration in London.  TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle described the event - which saw hundreds of people assemble in the capital to protest against the Government's cuts in public spending - as "unhelpful to tripe".

Sir Norman Wrassle
Speaking at a meeting of the Westhaughton Women's League earlier today, Sir Norman said: "I quite understand why some people - however misguided they are - may find the prospect of another five years of grinding austerity unpleasant.  But I would ask them to pause for a moment and think of the damage that could be done to the British tripe industry if the Government abandoned its policies".

Sir Norman said that the last five years had been good for tripe, as more and more people had rediscovered the virtues of a foodstuff that is nutritious, filling and fantastic value for money.  In his closing remarks - which drew muted applause - he said: "I think some people are unnecessarily frightened by the word 'austerity'.  We only need another few years of it before everyone will be eating tripe."

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