24 June 2015

Tripe Bucket Challenge Condemned by TMB

The Tripe Marketing Board has condemned plans by a north west pet food retailer to take part in a 'Tripe Bucket Challenge' as "unhelpful" and "possibly dangerous".

Mr Stephen Riley
The challenge, scheduled to take place on Saturday 27 June 2015 at 5pm, will see Merseysider Stephen Riley having two buckets of raw green tripe thrown over him, in an attempt to raise funds for the charity Canine Health Concern.

Speaking at a media conference earlier today, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Mr Riley looks like a young and fit individual, but people should be aware that it is possibly dangerous to immerse yourself in quantities of raw green tripe."

It is understood that Mr Riley will be taking the precaution of wearing goggles and will have his mouth taped shut. "Even so, this won't be pleasant for him," Sir Norman said.  He pointed to the experience of TV celebrity Katie Cutprice who, as part of the Spatchcock TV production I'm Famous Put A Wasp In My Mouth, had been immersed in a vat of tripe for two minutes in a show broadcast in 2012.  She left the programme shortly afterwards, suffering from severe shock and trauma.

"Apart from anything else, this stunt is unhelpful as we are trying to promote tripe as a flavoursome foodstuff for humans.  Mr Riley's actions threaten to reinforce the stereotype that it's only fit for dogs," Sir Norman said.  He also pointed to the risk of 'copy-cat' challenges being undertaken, saying: "In an age of social media, there's the possibility that other people will attempt this challenge and, before we know it, we'll find tripe is the laughing stock of YouTube".

He went on to encourage people to nevertheless make a donation to the charity. "I know I will be," he said.

Full details of the Tripe Bucket Challenge can be found here.

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  1. This is Ann Ridyard, organiser of this event. I would like to invite you to the challenge to give you the opportunity to let people know the difference between the two, hey! you can even educate whilst you hand out samples to the spectators, are you up for the challenge TMB?