19 June 2015

Tripe purchasing simplified

The offal industry regulator OffOffal is introducing a new initiative called UK OffalBuy. UK OffalBuy is designed to make buying offal easier for everyone to understand.

Tripe is available from a variety of retailers, many of whom are listed on Tripe Adviser.

Purchase of offal will be broken down into five simple parts:

An access charge - this is what your offal supplier will charge you for purchasing the offal (per minute)

A service charge - the company you’re buying the offal from decides how much this charge will be

A 'service plus' charge - the offal supplier will levy a small amount for this 

A packaging charge - currently 5p per transaction

A customer satisfaction levy - this helps to maintain your satisfaction with the purchase and is a small percentage (currently 0.57%) of the purchase price, net of the packaging charge  

From 1 July 2015, the TMB's access charge will be just 5p per minute for all purchases above 0.25gm. If you have a TMB membership card, then it’s 2p per minute when purchasing online or from your mobile.

You can also add one other offal purchase (including heart, lung and spleen) for free to your Tripe Circle - just log in to My Account and select Manage My Tripe Circle. And calls to the TMB Customer Service will still be less than 75p per minute when made from your Tripe landline and Tripe mobile.

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