12 July 2015

2nd Quarter 2015 tripe sales "encouraging" says TMB chairman

Sales of tripe in the period April - June 2015 were "better than anticipated," Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told an audience of industry analysts meeting in Chorley this weekend.

Although sales had fallen for the 231st successive quarter, there are increasing signs that the public is embracing tripe in greater numbers.  "There's definitely a sense in which the number of people buying tripe is beginning to make a serious impact on the historic decline in our customer base," Sir Norman said.  He predicted that it wouldn't be many months before the corner was turned. "It could even be a matter of weeks," he said.

The per capita decline in sales represents just 0.0008 kg in the three months from 1 April - by far the best results since rationing was abolished in 1954.  Sir Norman attributed the figures to increasing unease amongst consumers about the impact of government austerity measures, the recent launch of tirimasu and a decision by TMB Books to launch a 'serious' imprint, LEB Books. Sir Norman went on to say "LEB Books is our secret weapon in the battle to promote tripe.  By enticing people to read serious books, we think there's a good chance they'll move on to read our tripe books".

LEB Books' new publication
LEB Books' first publication
LEB Books has published two titles: It's Always the Children by Gillian Large and, more recently,   Tales from the Hills by Bill Cawley.  "Let's face it, not everyone likes a laugh when they read books," Sir Norman

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