18 July 2015

TMB chairman apologises for "possible offence"

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has apologised for any unintended offence he may have caused to radio presenters, following comments he made during an interview broadcast on Radio KCRW's Good Food show this morning.

Radio KCRW
Speaking at a media conference in Southport earlier today, Sir Norman said: "I understand that some people may have been offended by one or two of the statements that I made when I was interviewed by Evan Kleiman for her Good Food show.  I am happy to apologise for any possible offence that I may have caused".

Sir Norman confirmed that the TMB's communications department had received "at least two, and possibly three" complaints from anonymous radio presenters unhappy that they had been compared to tripe. 

"What I actually said was that looks aren't everything and that it's personality that counts.  I merely used radio presenters as an example.  I could equally have used call centre workers - my point would still have been the same," he said.   Sir Norman went on to say "I am happy to confirm that there are some very attractive radio presenters out there, all of whom are very lovely, in their own way".  He pointed in particular to Susan Rae, Malcolm Boyden and Graham Swindlehurst, all from the BBC.

Sir Norman's interview can be heard via this link, and commences at 9 minutes 40 seconds.

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