14 July 2015

TMB denies price cut is due to disappointing sales

The Tripe Marketing Board has denied reducing the price of one of its flagship books because sales to date have been disappointing.

Spatchcock - price cut
The allegation - made in an article by noted vegetarian critic RAC Gill in the July 2015 issue of Offal Monthly - was strenuously denied by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle, earlier today.

Speaking at a lunchtime meeting of the Westhaughton Ladies League, Sir Norman said that the decision to reduce the selling price of The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock from £9.99 to just £5.99 on Amazon was a tactical decision by the board's publishing division, TMB Books and was intended to honour the 50th anniversary of Wigan Casino Royale, a seminal work by the Oldham-based film studio.

"The price reduction is our gift to tripe lovers all over the world. It's ridiculous to suggest it's because people aren't buying the book at the full price.  If that were the case, we'd have to reduce the price of all of our books," he said. 

Sir Norman confirmed that the price reduction was 'time limited'. "Think of it as the TMB's contribution to deflation. Even tripe has to do its bit," he said. 

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