27 July 2015

TMB rejects calls for investigation into tripe supporters

The TMB has dismissed calls from a former board member for an investigation into how thousands of non-tripe eaters had been allowed to sign up to support tripe in the social media.   
Sir Norman Wrassle
The accusation was made by former Director of Culture, Media & Tripe, Sandy Burlap during an interview today on the popular Radio Lancashire drive-time show, Gassing with Gaz.  Mr Burlap told presenter Gary Bradlow that he believed many hundreds of vegetarians had taken advantage of Twitter and Facebook to 'infiltrate' the TMB, in what he termed "a blatant attempt to influence the future direction of the board".

Official figures released by the TMB earlier this year suggested that over 25% of its social media support came from non-meat eaters. 

Speaking from his Lytham home tonight, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle rejected the claim. "We have long been aware that a number of vegetarians and, perhaps, even the odd vegan, are 'following' tripe.  Some of them have gone so far as to buy tripe badges and fridge magnets or one or two of our books".   Sir Norman said he took a relaxed approach to such supporters.  "Nobody is pretending for a minute that we will persuade these folk to eat tripe.  We've got enough of a job with the carnivores," he said.

He went on to dismiss Mr Burlap's call for an investigation into the matter.  "We're a broad church here at the TMB. Tripe's not just for meat-eaters - although obviously, they are our main target," he said.

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