25 August 2015

TMB decides against electoral reform

The Tripe Marketing Board has confirmed that it will not be opening its election processes up to a wider electorate following a working party report published earlier today.

The Board Appointments Sub-Committee has recommended that the election of the TMB’s chairman should following existing procedures.  Sub-committee chairman Mr Stuart Wrassle said: “We have looked at recent experiences elsewhere and concluded that it would not be sensible to open the election up to a wider vote".

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he had not been overly concerned at suggestions that vegans might seek to influence the vote, but he thought the decision was, on balance, "right for tripe".

He went on to add: “We’re just in the process of launching Tripe Club, our membership body for tripe lovers the world over.  We did think at one stage that members might be given a vote but I’m pleased to say that we are nothing if not a learning organisation.  They'll have to make do with a book, a fridge magnet, a certificate, a photo, a badge and a pen instead." 

Tripe Club membership costs £9.99 including UK post and packing.

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