20 August 2015

TMB distances itself from Labour leadership campaigns

The Tripe Marketing Board has disassociated itself from campaigning being undertaken by rival tripe dressing unions for the Labour Party leadership elections which are currently taking place.

Speaking at a meeting of the Chorley & District Women's Circle last night, Sir Norman Wrassle said he was "deeply embarrassed" by the intervention of the unions in the campaign. 

The Amalgamated Association of Tripe Dressers has publicly endorsed leadership contender Andy Burnham and has called on its membership to back him.

Meanwhile, the rival National Federation of Tripe Dressers has asked its six members to support Liz Kendall.

Sir Norman said: "The Tripe Marketing Board is - and must remain - politically neutral in these matters.  We are sure that whoever is elected will work with us to help put tripe back on the dinner tables of Britain".

Responding to criticism that some people had detected a 'pro-Corbyn' slant to tweets issued by the TMB, Sir Norman said that action had already been taken to address the matter.

"Unfortunately, we rely on volunteers and interns to support our Twitter and other social media activity.  We can't monitor them 24 hours a day, so it's quite possible that some of the younger and more disaffected amongst them might have occasionally shown support for Mr Corbyn," he said. 

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