8 September 2015

August tripe sales hit by wet weather

Sales of tripe in August 2015 were lower than anticipated - due in part to a wetter-than-average month which saw 22 per cent more rain than usual.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle admitted that the figures were "disappointing for tripe," a dish which is often served with salad in warmer, Summer months. Year-on-year sales were down by 0.00015gm per person,  although Sir Norman pointed out that this fall was lower than in any previous 12 month period since 1954.

"September is traditionally a good month for tripe, so we hope we can recover to ensure buoyant Quarter 3 figures," he said.

Sir Norman described the decision by the BBC to drop the Met Office as its main weather information provider as "encouraging".  "We need an optimistic forecaster who can predict decent weather, allowing tripe retailers to properly plan demand for tripe that doesn't lead to them holding unwanted stocks.  This has to be good news for tripe," he said.

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