30 September 2015

It's official! Tripe is now less unpopular than Marmite

Courtesy: Daily Telegraph
A recent food poll has shown that Marmite is now more unpopular than tripe.  The poll - commissioned by BBC Good Food - puts tripe in 8th position behind such universally reviled foodstuffs as liver, brussels sprouts and mushrooms.

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle broadly welcomed the news.  "Nobody likes their product to appear in a list of hated foods, but if  we have to be in one, it's obviously encouraging that we've beaten Marmite," he said.

Sir Norman said that tripe's position in the food league tables has fluctuated over the years.  In 2014, it failed to appear in a top 10 list of disliked foods published by the food giant BirdsEye.

"These polls are just a bit of fun - here at the TMB we don't take them too seriously.  But we've got celery in our sights for next year," he added.

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