13 September 2015

New faces at the TMB

The Tripe Marketing Board today announced the appointment of two new board members, following the completion of a strategic review of tripe marketing in Britain and overseas.

Wyatt Bell
The new appointments complete what TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle described as "our final re-shuffle of 2015".

A new position of Head of Global Supply Chain and Regional Director for German-speaking parts has been taken up by Wyatt Bell, who has worked in logistics for over 30 years and now lives in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Holly Jahangiri takes up the post of Regional Director for US South East.

"Both Wyatt and Holly join us at a critical time for tripe," Sir Norman said.  "This week's successful re-launch of Tripe Club means we have a real chance of connecting with a new generation - those who are under 85."

Holly Jahangiri
Sir Norman said he had been impressed by Mr Wyatt's northern roots and his clear commitment to tripe.  "I am sure he will take us forward to a time when tripe is once again a popular dish on the tables of Britain and the pistes of Switzerland,"  he said.

Welcoming the appointment of Mrs Jahangiri, Sir Norman commended her efforts to promote tripe through the creation of a number of YouTube videos.  "Adventures in Tripe shows that tripe doesn't have to be difficult to prepare.  I hope those who watch Holly's videos are encouraged to give tripe a try," he said.  

Sir Norman thanked Mr Geoff Gander, Regional Director for Canada, who had completed his term as a board member and was now retiring.  "He was a huge asset to us as we sought to spread the word about tripe in the former dominions," Sir Norman said.

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  1. I am quite pleased and honored to accept my appointment to the Tripe Marketing Board, and hope that we will have a honeycombed and productive relationship for years to come.