5 September 2015

TMB defends social media re-brand

The Tripe Marketing Board today responded forcefully to suggestions that its recent social media re-branding programme was 'derivative, completely unnecessary and a waste of marketing resources'.

The TMB's 'new look' Twitter logo
The accusations, made in the September edition of Offal Monthly, come after the TMB unveiled new images for its Twitter and Facebook presence earlier this week.

Speaking from his Lytham home, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Like any forward-thinking marketing agency we have to move with the times.  We regularly review our social media activities and take advice from experts who know about these things."   He went on to dismiss the criticism as "sour grapes", saying that tripe retailers knew the importance of appealing to younger consumers and that the re-brand had cost "hundreds, rather than thousands".

The new look for tripe - which will be extended to packaging and bus advertising in due course - comes as the TMB re-launches Tripe Club, a new membership organisation that echoes the children's club that ran from the 1950s through until 1972.

"I'm confident people will enjoy being part of a new community of tripe lovers and that they will wear their Tripe Club badges and flourish their Tripe Club pens with pride," Sir Norman said. 

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