21 September 2015

TMB denies exploiting Pig Gate

The Tripe Marketing Board has rejected claims that it has exploited media coverage of a prominent politician’s alleged involvement with a pig in order to promote sales of tripe.

The allegations were made earlier today by the editor of Offal Monthly during a lunchtime interview on Lancashire Radio’s popular Lunch With Les show, when he described the Tweeting of a screenshot of a Daily Mirror poll as "shameless". 

The controversial @TripeUK Tweet
In a statement issued this afternoon, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: 

“I would like to make it clear that whatever the Prime Minister is alleged to have done – or not done – with a dead pig is of no concern to the Tripe Marketing Board.  It’s our job to promote tripe.  The fact that sales of pork are likely to decline is a happy accident for us and tripe retailers would never forgive us if we didn’t make the most of this opportunity”.

Sir Norman said that the TMB was celebrating recruiting its 9000th ‘follower’ on Twitter, the social media platform which allows tripe lovers the world over to join together to celebrate tripe.  “I’m only sorry that this so-called ‘Pig Gate’ scandal has rather taken the gloss off our achievements today,” he said.

To celebrate the milestone, the TMB this evening begins giving away 9 Tripe Marketing Board pens to random Twitter followers.  "It's a little marketing tip I picked up from a chat show host I know," Sir Norman said.   

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