28 September 2015

Tripe Appeals to Labour

The Tripe Marketing Board has appealed to the Labour Party not to rush to support anti-austerity measures in an attempt to make itself more attractive to the electorate.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Speaking at a lunchtime fringe meeting at Labour's Annual Conference in Brighton today, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle pointed to the "proud history" of links between the tripe industry and the working class.

"When I think of tripe and Labour, I think of people like Bessie Braddock, Ernie Bevan and Manny Shinwell.  These are the working class folk who built the Labour Party into what it is today," he said.

Sir Norman - who was the guest of the Amalgamated Association of Tripe Dressers -  said that jettisoning austerity measures at this stage threatened to undermine the recent improvement in tripe sales. He told an audience of almost twenty people: "Grinding austerity works for tripe.  It forces people to think of utilising cheaper cuts of meat like heart, lungs, spleen - and yes, tripe. We have at last slowed the historic decline that has bedeviled the industry since 1954.  Dozens of jobs could be at risk.  I appeal to you - don't throw these advances away!"

Speaking afterwards, Sir Norman said that the TMB would nonetheless work with a Corbyn administration were it to be elected in 2020.  "We will work with whoever is in power to make sure that tripe has a future for our children, our children's children and our children's children's children," he said.

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