10 October 2015

TMB to review social media activity

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced a review of its social media activity, after a report suggested the TMB was 'disconnecting itself from the wider community of tripe consumers'.

The report, by leading offal industry consultant Jocelyn Blunt, was discussed by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle at a meeting of the board's Social Media Strategy sub-committee earlier today.

Amongst the most alarming findings of Mr Blunt's study were:

  • The TMB had failed to reach its target of 10,000 followers on Twitter within three years
  • Over 98% of Twitter followers have never tried tripe, even though 32% are dogs
  • More than 20% of followers are vegetarian

Speaking after the meeting, Sir Norman said: "We have to take this report seriously.  No one enjoys the thrill of being the relentless outsider more than I do, but we are in this game to promote tripe.  These findings are devastating".

Sir Norman said that the TMB should nevertheless feel proud to have attracted over 9,300 followers over the last three years. "We've actually been on Twitter since 2007, but we didn't really understand it and for years we had only 7 followers, so we closed the account down and re-launched in 2012," he said.

He paid tribute to the "tireless work" of intern Emily French and volunteers Doris and Elsie who, between them, ensured that tripe had a strong presence in the social media, going on to say: "We'll be looking very closely at Mr Blunt's report. If we have to tweet more dog pictures, then so be it".

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