18 October 2015

Tripe retailers told to prepare for sudden sales surge

Tripe retailers have been advised to prepare for an imminent surge in sales, following media coverage over the weekend.

The move comes after Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill, CBE appeared on the prime-time Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night and claimed that she "loved" tripe as a child and that "that's why I'm so fast".  

Mrs Ennis-Hill's comments came during a wide-ranging discussion about her career, her upbringing and tripe.  The acclaimed athlete has already been quoted in the press on the subject of tripe, but this is the first time that she has acknowledged that her childhood diet of liquidised tripe and milk has influenced her performance in track and field. 

Liquidised tripe campaign launched.
Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle welcomed the public acknowledgment. "It was very brave of Jessica to appear on a show that regularly attracts over 3.5 million viewers and talk about tripe. It's bound to pique people's interest in our product," he said.

Sir Norman said that the TMB would be capitalising on the endorsement by launching a campaign to promote liquidised tripe, but that he would be writing to Mr Ross to express his concern at a number of disparaging remarks he made about tripe during the interview. 

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