29 November 2015

Tripe backs 'Laugh Along With Meat' campaign

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced its backing for the UK meat industry's new Laugh Along With Meat initiative, which was launched earlier this week with a series of cabaret performances sponsored by the Pork Council.

Laugh Along With Meat will see all major meat marketing agencies use humour to promote their products in the run-up to Christmas.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "We are pleased to be participating in this innovative project. Tripe is the perfect comedy foodstuff.  Little wonder we came second in last year's British Comedy Food Awards".

Sir Norman will be kicking off tripe's contribution to the campaign when he appears tonight (29 November) at the Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool. 

"Apparently, tickets are only £3, which is a remarkably small price to pay to Laugh Along With Meat," Sir Norman said.

23 November 2015

Tripe lovers urged to act fast to avoid disappointment on Tripe Tuesday

Tripe retailers across the country have been preparing for the second annual 'Tripe Tuesday' tomorrow - the annual day of the year when most tripe is sold.

First initiated by the Tripe Marketing Board in 1979 as 'Tripe Thursday', the idea was quickly dropped when it failed to stimulate sales.  However, the success for many retailers of 'Black Friday' last year convinced the TMB that the time was ripe to re-launch the initiative.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said that Tripe Tuesday was just what the industry needed in the run-up to Christmas.  Speaking at a media conference at Preston earlier today, Sir Norman said: "We've taken the precaution of asking tripe retailers to stock up to avoid disappointed customers - these prices can't last forever!"

18 November 2015

TripeDog 15 Winner Announced

The Tripe Marketing Board's TripeDog15 contest reached its thrilling climax earlier today when the winner was announced by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle live on BBC Radio Cumbria.

The competition - which has been running on Twitter and Facebook for a number of weeks - saw almost 100 entries whittled down to two, who met in the final which ran since Sunday morning.

The winner was Spud, a three-legged Spaniel owned by Yorkshire-based barrister Helen Trotter, who nevertheless jumped all the hurdles of the earlier rounds to be crowned champion just after 1pm today.

Spud and his owner win a supply of tripe chews, lifetime membership of Tripe Club, a portrait of Spud drawn by artist Christian Doran and the coveted Tripe Dog 15 trophy.  Helen also wins  three books published by the TMB's publishing division, TMB Books.

Runner-up Steve Buscemi, a one-year-old pug from Glasgow owned by Raiph, wins a TMB pen, a Tripe For Dogs badge and his choice of three tripe books.

Speaking afterwards, Sir Norman said: "Every one of the 96 entrants are tripe dogs to us. But sadly, there can only be one TripeDog15.  We're delighted to have Spud as our mascot for the next twelve months and we will feature his story in our 2016 Tripe Marketing Board Diary". 

Sir Norman congratulated all who had entered for the sporting way in which they had approached the contest. "We realise that being crowned Tripe Dog is something a lot of dogs aspire to, so sometimes tempers can get frayed, but they've all participated in the contest with dignity and elan," he said.

The full results of TripeDog15 can be found here.

16 November 2015

Grand Final of TripeDog15 now underway!

Voting is now underway in the Grand Final of  Tripe Marketing Board's TripeDog15 contest, which has already seen over 4000 votes cast in the opening round and semi-finals.

TMB competition director Sam Frascati said that over 100 votes were cast in the first half hour after the contest opened, making it far and away the most popular contest the TMB had ever run.

Mr Frascati said that the results would be announced live shortly after 1pm on Wednesday 18 November 2015 by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle who, as well as being the country's foremost authority on tripe, is also a noted dog lover.

The overall winner of the contest will walk away with a coveted TripeDog15 Trophy, lifetime membership of Tripe Club and a hand-drawn portrait by talented artist Christian Doran.  Both contenders will also win their choice of the TMB's most popular books.

"TMB Books has massively reduced the price of its books - partly to celebrate the culmination of the contest, but also because not many people were buying them," Mr Frascati added.

13 November 2015

Tripe limbers up for historic TV battle

The Tripe Marketing Board is readying itself for an historic contest with its old adversaries at the Egg Marketing Board, which is due to air on TV next week.

A hand-picked team of tripe-lovers and those who merely tolerate it was fielded for the BBC 2 TV programme Eggheads, which will be broadcast on Wednesday 18 November 2015. The team was brought together after TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle made an appeal for contestants through the TMB's Facebook group, We Love Tripe.  Although not all of the team members were tripe-lovers, they were all screened for tolerance prior to their selection.

Historian and observer of modern life Bill Cawley chaired the team, which included talented pie-maker Sarah Petegree, Cumbrian poet Jonathan Humble, TMB Books manager Paul Etherington  and charity fundraiser Sue Elphick.

To celebrate the team's appearance, TMB Books have agreed to offer all of their current publications at a substantial discount.  Announcing the decision earlier today, Sir Norman Wrassle said that he hoped the price cuts would encourage more people to give tripe books a try.  "Some people seem to think it's amusing that the Tripe Marketing Board publishes books. Perhaps if they try them, they'll think again," Sir Norman said.  He went on to add: "At the very least, we think they'll realise that they make wonderful Christmas gifts for the ones they love - or even for their partners."


Strictly Come Barking

 UPDATE: Postponed until Sunday 15 November 2015.

The Tripe Marketing Board’s Tripe Dog 2015 contest nears its thrilling climax this weekend as the two semi-finals get underway.

An initial field of 96 entries has been whittled down to the last remaining eight contenders, who will be pitted against each other to discover which lucky winners will make it through to the final, which takes place on Monday and Tuesday.   The winner will be announced live on BBC radio on Wednesday 18 November.

The keenly-fought contest has rapidly become the biggest tripe-based dog show on the internet, with over 3000 votes already cast in the preliminary stages and the Quarter Finals.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: “Nearly everyone loves dogs – and almost all dogs love tripe. That’s what marketing people call a ‘natural synergy’ and that's why we are delighted to sponsor Tripe Dog 15”.   The contest is also being used to promote the TMB’s new membership organisation, Tripe Club.

Sir Norman said it was also important for consumers to recognise that tripe was not merely a food for dogs. “While we are pleased to promote our product as a tasty treat for them, we mustn’t forget our key message that tripe is not just for dogs,” he said.

7 November 2015

Tripe Dog 2015 competition moves towards its climax

The Tripe Marketing Board's annual contest to find the nation's most lovable tripe dog is hotting up, as the Quarter Finals of Tripe Dog 2015 are launched today.

Ninety-six original entries have been whittled down to 32 contenders and just eight will make it through to the semi-finals.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said that the contest was always keenly fought. "We've had to stagger the entry process over a longer period following complaints that our Twitter feed was full of pictures of dogs," Sir Norman said.

"I would like to re-iterate that tripe is not just for dogs," he added.

The first Quarter Finalists can be viewed here.

1 November 2015

Vegans blamed for TMB website hack: UPDATED

The Tripe Marketing Board has suffered a severe and sustained cyber-attack on its website, www.tripemarketingboard.co.uk.

The attack, which appears to be the work of militant vegans, was first noticed at around 12.30pm today, but may have happened at any time over the last five days.

The TMB's head of IT Deirdre Hardman said that a confused customer had rung earlier today, but she had no way of knowing when the attack was undertaken. "The last time anyone looked at our website seems to have been last Tuesday, and nobody noticed anything unusual at that time," she said.

The extremists also appear to have control of TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle's Twitter account. "Until we can resolve the matter, customers are advised that there may be unusual and anti-tripe tweets from this account," Mrs Hardman said.

UPDATE at 2.36pm 1 November 2015

We are pleased to report that our website is now running normally.  No customer details were compromised during this attack, although the 'Home' page and a picture of the TMB chairman were defaced.

Speaking from his Lytham home, Sir Norman said: "We didn't receive any ransom demands and fewer than three people actually viewed the page, so the damage was fairly limited".  Initial investigations suggest that the attack occurred after a TMB employee left their mobile phone containing website log-in details at a service station on the M6 during a comfort break, on Thursday.