13 November 2015

Strictly Come Barking

 UPDATE: Postponed until Sunday 15 November 2015.

The Tripe Marketing Board’s Tripe Dog 2015 contest nears its thrilling climax this weekend as the two semi-finals get underway.

An initial field of 96 entries has been whittled down to the last remaining eight contenders, who will be pitted against each other to discover which lucky winners will make it through to the final, which takes place on Monday and Tuesday.   The winner will be announced live on BBC radio on Wednesday 18 November.

The keenly-fought contest has rapidly become the biggest tripe-based dog show on the internet, with over 3000 votes already cast in the preliminary stages and the Quarter Finals.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: “Nearly everyone loves dogs – and almost all dogs love tripe. That’s what marketing people call a ‘natural synergy’ and that's why we are delighted to sponsor Tripe Dog 15”.   The contest is also being used to promote the TMB’s new membership organisation, Tripe Club.

Sir Norman said it was also important for consumers to recognise that tripe was not merely a food for dogs. “While we are pleased to promote our product as a tasty treat for them, we mustn’t forget our key message that tripe is not just for dogs,” he said.

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