13 November 2015

Tripe limbers up for historic TV battle

The Tripe Marketing Board is readying itself for an historic contest with its old adversaries at the Egg Marketing Board, which is due to air on TV next week.

A hand-picked team of tripe-lovers and those who merely tolerate it was fielded for the BBC 2 TV programme Eggheads, which will be broadcast on Wednesday 18 November 2015. The team was brought together after TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle made an appeal for contestants through the TMB's Facebook group, We Love Tripe.  Although not all of the team members were tripe-lovers, they were all screened for tolerance prior to their selection.

Historian and observer of modern life Bill Cawley chaired the team, which included talented pie-maker Sarah Petegree, Cumbrian poet Jonathan Humble, TMB Books manager Paul Etherington  and charity fundraiser Sue Elphick.

To celebrate the team's appearance, TMB Books have agreed to offer all of their current publications at a substantial discount.  Announcing the decision earlier today, Sir Norman Wrassle said that he hoped the price cuts would encourage more people to give tripe books a try.  "Some people seem to think it's amusing that the Tripe Marketing Board publishes books. Perhaps if they try them, they'll think again," Sir Norman said.  He went on to add: "At the very least, we think they'll realise that they make wonderful Christmas gifts for the ones they love - or even for their partners."


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  1. Great stuff. Hope you won! I was a team captain on Eggheads back in 2009. I've never lived one of my (wrong) answers down!