18 November 2015

TripeDog 15 Winner Announced

The Tripe Marketing Board's TripeDog15 contest reached its thrilling climax earlier today when the winner was announced by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle live on BBC Radio Cumbria.

The competition - which has been running on Twitter and Facebook for a number of weeks - saw almost 100 entries whittled down to two, who met in the final which ran since Sunday morning.

The winner was Spud, a three-legged Spaniel owned by Yorkshire-based barrister Helen Trotter, who nevertheless jumped all the hurdles of the earlier rounds to be crowned champion just after 1pm today.

Spud and his owner win a supply of tripe chews, lifetime membership of Tripe Club, a portrait of Spud drawn by artist Christian Doran and the coveted Tripe Dog 15 trophy.  Helen also wins  three books published by the TMB's publishing division, TMB Books.

Runner-up Steve Buscemi, a one-year-old pug from Glasgow owned by Raiph, wins a TMB pen, a Tripe For Dogs badge and his choice of three tripe books.

Speaking afterwards, Sir Norman said: "Every one of the 96 entrants are tripe dogs to us. But sadly, there can only be one TripeDog15.  We're delighted to have Spud as our mascot for the next twelve months and we will feature his story in our 2016 Tripe Marketing Board Diary". 

Sir Norman congratulated all who had entered for the sporting way in which they had approached the contest. "We realise that being crowned Tripe Dog is something a lot of dogs aspire to, so sometimes tempers can get frayed, but they've all participated in the contest with dignity and elan," he said.

The full results of TripeDog15 can be found here.

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