1 November 2015

Vegans blamed for TMB website hack: UPDATED

The Tripe Marketing Board has suffered a severe and sustained cyber-attack on its website, www.tripemarketingboard.co.uk.

The attack, which appears to be the work of militant vegans, was first noticed at around 12.30pm today, but may have happened at any time over the last five days.

The TMB's head of IT Deirdre Hardman said that a confused customer had rung earlier today, but she had no way of knowing when the attack was undertaken. "The last time anyone looked at our website seems to have been last Tuesday, and nobody noticed anything unusual at that time," she said.

The extremists also appear to have control of TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle's Twitter account. "Until we can resolve the matter, customers are advised that there may be unusual and anti-tripe tweets from this account," Mrs Hardman said.

UPDATE at 2.36pm 1 November 2015

We are pleased to report that our website is now running normally.  No customer details were compromised during this attack, although the 'Home' page and a picture of the TMB chairman were defaced.

Speaking from his Lytham home, Sir Norman said: "We didn't receive any ransom demands and fewer than three people actually viewed the page, so the damage was fairly limited".  Initial investigations suggest that the attack occurred after a TMB employee left their mobile phone containing website log-in details at a service station on the M6 during a comfort break, on Thursday.

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