16 November 2015

Grand Final of TripeDog15 now underway!

Voting is now underway in the Grand Final of  Tripe Marketing Board's TripeDog15 contest, which has already seen over 4000 votes cast in the opening round and semi-finals.

TMB competition director Sam Frascati said that over 100 votes were cast in the first half hour after the contest opened, making it far and away the most popular contest the TMB had ever run.

Mr Frascati said that the results would be announced live shortly after 1pm on Wednesday 18 November 2015 by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle who, as well as being the country's foremost authority on tripe, is also a noted dog lover.

The overall winner of the contest will walk away with a coveted TripeDog15 Trophy, lifetime membership of Tripe Club and a hand-drawn portrait by talented artist Christian Doran.  Both contenders will also win their choice of the TMB's most popular books.

"TMB Books has massively reduced the price of its books - partly to celebrate the culmination of the contest, but also because not many people were buying them," Mr Frascati added.

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